Get we attended a Gujarati Wedding?

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Have we attended a Gujarati Wedding?

The Gujarati weddings are full of splendor plus fun. As almost all of the Gujarati population enjoy inside company instead of work, they are financially effectively off plus hence funds is not a condition at these weddings. A function like a event moreover serves because a rapport development exercise between visitors plus providers.

The following rituals are conducted inside a guajarati wedding. Let you initially have consider the pre wedding rituals.

First amidst the pre wedding rituals is the Mandap Mahurat.
Below the families of both the bride plus groom inside their respective homes as well as the groom find the blessings of the lord Ganesha. The home is full of relatives at these instances plus each 1 enjoys the event. Such a pooja is conducted a limited days before the actual wedding plus is conducted with a priest.

Graha shanti is done by the all of the relatives whom have gathered inside the apartment to attend the marriage. The priest chooses an auspicious time for the pooja as well as the whole family works this pooja at these instances.

Jaan is an interesting ritual performed at the bride’s house. The grooms, together with his family arrive at the bride’s house plus find the blessing of the inside regulations.

Now its marriage time.

The bride plus groom arrive at the marriage place inside their own decorated cars. Both the bride as well as the groom change to the marriage attire plus come found on the widespread dais. Here the initial function to be done is the Kanya Daan. The bride’s dad lays trust found on the groom which his daughter can the effectively taken care of. As per the rituals, the brides are considered the Goddess Laxmi plus groom is considered Lord Narayana. The dad of the brides takes her hand plus places it found on the hand of the groom. All these are done before the sacred fire.

Hasta Milap is a step further to Kanya Daan. The grooms scarf as well as the bride’s sari are linked inside a knot that means their union before the whole customer, that are present found on the event. This really is done by the priest whom works the pooja with the sacred fire.

The final step before the couple is completely married is known as Saptapadi. This really is quite substantial ritual. This really is done inside the north India by strolling about the sacred fire. In case of Gujarati plus other communities, the priest places 7 little heaps of sift found on the floor. The bride as well as the groom take 7 vows together because the bride places the here thumb about every of the tiny heaps of sift. In case of Gujarati , the couple equally takes 4 mangal pheras, that represent “Dharma”, “Artha”, “Kama” plus “Moksha”.

Now the couple is wedded plus is today guy plus spouse inside full view of the whole customer present. The couple then seeks the blessing of the all of the elderly customer present for their extended happy wedded lifetime.

All these rituals are over by the mid of following noon. The bride as well as the groom go to their respective homes when they are nearby plus today the post wedding ceremony happens.

The Reception takes inside full splendor. One of the greatest halls is chosen. The bride plus groom are seated at plus decorated seat found on the dais. These are typically noticeable to every of the customer that arrives at the reception. The customer meets the couple 1 at a time plus exchange greeting plus presents with them. This goes about until all customer has been attended by the bride as well as the groom. The guests then have their dinner so do the bride as well as the groom.

Now the reception is over, it is actually time for the bride to leave the fathers home to be along with her newly wed spouse. Here you have the Vidaai ceremony inside that the bride provides a tearful farewell to her family.

Now 1 last ceremony before the couple commence their wedded existence.
This really is called the Ghar ni Laxmi. The bride is considered because Laxmi of the apartment plus is welcomed to the groom’s apartment. A bride pushes down plus vessel filled with sift. All the grooms’ family gather about the couple plus then they play certain games. These are fun games that are intended to aid the bride-to-be blend with all the groom’s family members.

After a few of the games, the bride plus groom are left together to begin their wedded lifetime.

We want them both a lengthy happy wedded lifetime.

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    Victoria T
    June 18th, 2014

    Of course I googled, but there isn’t much detailed information. I need the info for my presentation in school. Can someone tell me more about Malaysian Indian weddings? I have never been to an Indian wedding before, so if you have, please tell me! Your input is very much appreciated, thank you in advance!


    June 21st, 2014

    I mean what functions are held from the point of the engagement to marriage? I am Gujarati my self but I just attended people’s marriages on the reception day. I don’t really know what do bride and groom’s family do.

    Any help will worth a million bucks. But, don’t just say that “Guy gets finished on the day” alright.
    You bet man!!! I love that Garba song, “Mehndi te lagi maandve ne, aeno rang gayo Gujarat re, Mehndi rang gayo”


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